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doc williamsDr. Williams takes pride in providing the most comprehensive, personalized, and compassionate care, for all your healthcare needs. Dr. Williams see patients of all ages. At each stage in life, you and your family have different needs and concerns. We aim to meet your individual requirements while providing you comprehensive continuous care.

Dr. Williams is a University of Nebraska Medical Center educated physician whose practice is located in the District 66 school district. He is passionate about practicing high quality, personalized medical care.

We make it a point to be here for your primary care and urgent care needs. Dr. Williams is accessible day or night—every day. You have real peace of mind with supportive and comprehensive medical care here at our office, in the hospital, skilled nursing facilities or even at your home. Yes, we make house calls when necessary.

You, the patient, always come first. It’s how we practice a healthier way of medicine.

Board-certified in Family Practice, and practicing over 25 years, Dr. Williams serves as your primary-care physician. As an experienced diagnostician, he often consulted for second opinions.

Dr. Williams takes an integrated approach to diagnosis and treatment. Viewing you as a whole person—with your own special medical history, lifestyle, needs and goals—he will give you the most comprehensive diagnostic testing available.

Dr. Williams will ensure that you are well taken care of when navigating through the health care system, whether it is in a hospital, emergency room, outpatient or home setting. We do this by communicating with specialists and testing facilities to most efficiently guide you through whatever experience you may be undergoing, be it a car accident, a laceration, a suspicious lump, or a routine cardiovascular stress test. Our office will coordinate your appointments and address whatever other logistical needs you may have.

Dr. Williams is an AAFP Fellow, an Associate Professor of Medicine Creighton and UNMC. He is an active member of Alegent Hospital, Methodist Hospital, Methodist Acute Rehab Center, Select Speciality Rehab Center and can provide services to all Nursing Facilities. Has been the Medical Director of Catholic Social Services, Director of Clinics in Midwest Clinical Society; President of Midwest Clinical Society; Past President and Chairman of Patient Services for the Arthritis Foundation and is currently an officer in the Midwest Independent Physicians Association.